There are several steps in residential and commercial excavation. From permitting and planning to digging, demolishing, and filling; here’s how our Kamloops excavation contractors will help you excavate your land.

Excavation Services

Interior Elite Excavating offers a wide range of excavating services for both residential and commercial projects. 


If there are pre-existing structures on the property, we will remove them with minimal damage and disturbance to the rest of the land.


During the excavation of your property, we will trench the area to make room for utilities such as gas and water mains, pipelines, communication lines, and a variety of other underground infrastructures.


We will reuse or replace the soil that is removed during the excavation to protect the foundation and partially form the substructure.

Utility Tie-In Services

To ensure your property runs smoothly, our expert operators will dig and run water and sewer tie-in lines from the municipal water main to your residential or commercial building.

Driveway Prep

Before laying the driveway, any debris, turf, and topsoil will need to be removed, followed by precise digging to the correct depth.

Earthmoving and Grading

Whether it’s creating embankments, leveling land, or reshaping terrain, we have the equipment and expertise to sculpt the perfect environment for your vision.

Retaining Walls

Especially important in wet climates, retaining walls prevent soil from shifting or sliding on sloped lots.

Pool Excavation

Looking to include a swimming pool in your backyard? We can ensure your pool is levelled, safe, and excavated with the correct dimensions.


Once the foundations have been poured and filled, it’s crucial that the base is level to a specific slope. This promotes surface drainage, improves the landscape, and acts as the base for driveways, sidewalks, and roads.


Our professional excavation contractors ensure the thorough removal of any dirt, debris, and rubble from the site.

Foundation Repairs

If the concrete beneath your property is in distress, this can lead to major structural damage. Issues with the foundation typically stem from water damage or unstable clay and soil beneath, causing cracks, structural damage, and loss of real estate value.

Window Wells

To protect your windows from water damage when installed below grade on your building’s exterior, proper drainage is a must. With our mini excavator, our team install a window well to seal entry points and promote drainage.

Fence Post Auguring

To ensure the stability of fence and deck builds, our team will drill a precise line of perfect holes using an augur.

Digging Pits

We can provide quick and accurate pit digging without damaging your property.


For rural residents, dugouts (or ponds) can be manually constructed to ensure you have a water reservoir for your livestock, crops, household uses, and aquaculture.

No matter the project size or scope, we guarantee a comprehensive estimate, experienced operators, and a commitment to ensuring your project is completed correctly on time and on budget.